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Everything for your Event

  •  Custom Tents

  • canvas sheds

  • Tents in white canvas and Crystal (transparent)

  • Tent Chapel, Pyramidal, 2 Waters, 1 Water and Pyramidal with Advances

  • Witch hat tent

  • Naval hardwood floors with or without carpeting

  • Floors for Walkways

  • Floors for Altar or Low Stage

  • Naval wood flooring over swimming pools

  • walkway over swimming pools

  • decoration with fabrics

  • floral decoration

  • flower portal

  • Lighting with LED Reflectors

  • Lamp Clothesline

  • Door and Pergola for weddings

  • Box truss (Backdrop, Stage and Gantry)

  • Octanorm Stand Structure

  • Chemical Toilets and Portable Sink 

  • Air Conditioner and Air Conditioner.

  • heaters

Contact us and learn more about these and other available services.

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